Square Ceiling Vents

Already the recognised leader in floor vents, Accord has recently developed an innovative brand new range of square ceiling vents. These are a great alternative to dated-looking Read Moreround down jets and cone diffusers – as well as the square multi-directional outlets (MDOs).

These vents can be used to replace your current vents or in new ducted installations. On new systems, simply ask your installer to install these square ceiling vents instead of older round styles. They come in a range of sizes (150mm, 200mm and 250mm) and are thus suited to both heating and cooling.

Designed by a team of engineers and architects, these vents are made to achieve maximum performance while being stylish and modern. The different faces provide different airflow patterns and suit different room layouts. The great thing is that you can change the core in seconds for a new look and a different airflow.

Unlike most other vents, you can make significant changes to the air flow of a vent. Some have small adjustments, but with this range, you can simply swap the core with a different design to change the air movement completely. If you want to change the air flow pattern for heating or cooling, simply unclip the vent cover and replace it with a different shape.
Vents install quickly as they have a cutting template and clips that snap into the plaster. There are no ugly screw holes or externally visible clips, giving them a very clean design. Additionally, a large 70mm neck makes connection to ducting quick and easy.

A butterfly damper attached to the neck of the vent regulates air flow if required. Our insulated side plenum box adapters ensure that these vents can be installed in tight places, such as the ceiling of the first floor in a 2-storey house. They simply clip onto the neck of the vents with no need for glue, screws, or tape.

The ease of installation makes these vents very popular with installers. We provide cut-out templates for our square and round ceiling vents, helping you to cut things to size for easy installation. Large clips simply snap into plaster. Wide flanges and large clips ensure that there is a large margin for error in cutting, ensuring the results will look good almost all the time.

With 3 different sizes, you can maintain the same style throughout your house – no need for different vents in different locations. This range is constructed from the highest quality UV stabilised ABS, so they will not discolour or get brittle with age. Additionally, the black damper blades are hidden from sight, allowing you to modify airflow without changing the look or design of the square ceiling.

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