Wall Vents

These Accord white metal wall vents can be used for ducted heating/cooling - or for general circulation of air between rooms of in the wall cavity. They have dampers that open and close to regulate air flow. Often people find that they need to use one of these in conjunction with floor vents where there is a room that is inaccessible through the floor. The tow most common sizes are the 100x300mm (4 x 12) and 150x350mm (6x14). We also have a 150x300mm (6x12) wall vent that has been popular in the past and can be a replacement vent in older systems. Not that all dimensions are for the neck of the vent not for the face.

You can use some of the floor vents as wall vents if you would prefer something more decorative. The difference is that you will have to affix the floor vent into the wall with glue or silicon - or alternately drill holes into the face and affix with screws. It certainly can be done - and many of our customers have done it successfully and been pleased with the results.

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Ducted Heating Wall Vent Register 100x300mm
Steel construction. White powder coated finish of wall vent. Fully adjustable damper to regulate..
Metal Wall Vent 150x300mm
Metal construction wall vent with white powder coated finish. Damper is fully adjustable..
Metal Wall Vent 150x350mm
Metal construction wall vent with white powder coated finish. Damper is fully adjustable to regula..

If yours is a commercial project and you need to label duct and or vents, contact Brendan from Accurate Art of if you need the vents to be engraved, contact Mark at Quadtec Laser Engraving.

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