How to contact Accord Air?

Just give us a call on (03) 9758 7844 or send us a message on the form on the Contact Page.

How much is the Shipping?

The shipping is AUD 17.50 on every product.

How many days it takes once my order is dispatched?

We dispatch orders within 48 hours. Most orders are sent via Australia Post and are generally delivered within a week.

How do I determine the size of floor vent I require?

The main measurement is the hole (or neck size) of the vent. The face size is generally larger by approx. 40mm as most vents have a rim of approximately 20mm around the outside of the neck.

What are the most common sized floor vents?

100x300mm is a common size for heating-only applications. This is generally connected to 150mm ducting
150x350mm is the most common size for heating and cooling applications. This is generally connected to either 200 or 250mm ducting.
There are other less common sizes such as 100x400mm and smaller kick board registers that are often used on a skirting board in kitchens and bathrooms

Do the vents have an open-close mechanism?

All of our vents have an open-close lever and blades to shut off air flow. Some of these damper boxes are in metal and several are in ABS plastic (Victorian and Wicker). It generally makes little difference as these are not weight bearing.

Is the open-close mechanism air tight?

No dampers are fully air tight however they block over 98% of air flow. Most heaters have backdraft dampers and it is uncommon for outside air to be able to flow through your ducting when a system is not in use.

How to choose my vents?

Firstly determine the size. Secondly determine how heavy duty they need to be Thirdly re colour, there are 2 common ways to choose – by trying to match the colour of your flooring – or by using a finish/colour that is already used in the room or house. It generally comes down to personal choice.

Which floor vents are best?

From a performance point of view (see technical data on the website) there is not significant difference between different styles. The strongest 2 styles are the aluminium bar grilles and Marquis style, followed by the Wicker and Victorian styles.

Do you sell plastic floor vents?

No we don’t recommend them as metal and wood are both stronger and look better. Plastics can become brittle with age and exposure to UV radiation. All of our vents are tested to 115kg for 24 hours to ensure durability.

Do you do custom sized vents?

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity do do custom vents. Odd sizes can be made in aluminium by local suppliers. Sometimes it can be more cost efficient to resize your hole to a standard size.

Is floor or ceiling venting better?

Generally the floor is more efficient for heating and the ceiling is more efficient for cooling. However this isnt always practical, and either can be a very effective method. Running a system that both heats and cools rather than 2 separate systems is often preferable. New homes in many areas are built on concrete slabs making floor heating an impractical alternative.

Do you have flush mounted floor vents?

No. It is the flange that prevents the floor vent from falling down the hole. Some of the vents that protrude the least are the traditional louvered design as well as the aluminium bar grilles.

Will metal floor vents rust?

Vents will not rust unless the paint or electroplating is scratched off. We recommend against the use of abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching.

Can floor vents be used in a wall or ceiling?

It may be possible to use a floor vent in the wall or ceiling. They will need to be secured with screws or adhesive which isn’t supplies as floor vents just sit in the boot in the floor from gravity. The challenge is often to source an appropriately sized and shaped damper box to attach to ducting

Do I need floor vent filters?

Often there isn’t a requirement – as most return air grilles have a filter However if there is dust in the ducting it can be a great way to clear it out. We recommend only putting filters on several vents at a time to maintain air flow and not put pressure on your heating or cooling system

Do you sell duct and duct fittings?

We do not distribute insulated duct. We supply floor boots (see in the accessories section) but we do not supply other fittings such as y pieces and branch take offs.