100 x 400mm Floor Vents

Accord offers a wide range of 100 x 400mm floor vents and grilles for homes and businesses. With many different designs, colours and styles to choose from, as well as different features, you can customise the look of your vent covers to suit your style. Read MoreView our range online today and find the perfect floor register design for your needs.


The 100x400mm (4’x16”) floor vent is rare and hard to find product size. Installation of this size vent in ducted heating installations generally stopped in Australia some 25 years ago, meaning you will usually only find this sized vent in older homes. Accord has developed a compact range of two vents with three different popular finishes – beige, grey and charcoal. All are constructed from a strong steel frame for maximum durability and feature specially coated metal to prevent rust and ensure there is no rattling.

We have both damper and damperless options available, so be sure to check which products support this feature. A damper is used to open and close each individual vent and regulate airflow, giving you greater control over the direction air is pushed and which rooms receive heating and cooling through vents.

The designs in our collection suit both period and modern homes and will look good on wood, carpet, concrete or parquetry flooring. If you have other vents in other sizes (100x300mm and 150x350mm) you will not be able to match this style, but you will be able to match the colour – as the beige, grey and charcoal are the same beige, grey and charcoal that are used in the louvered floor vents range. To order, click any of our vent options, or call us today on 03 9758 7844 and a member of our team will be able to help you. Read Less…

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