Wooden Floor Vents

Wooden vents by Accord are a great alternative to metal vents, specifically designed to look incredible when paired with wooden floors. Choose either the light or medium stain, or select the unfinished oak and stain to match your floors. Read MoreOur wooden floor vents come in either 100x300mm (4”x12”) or 150x350mm (6”x14”) sizes.

All our wooden floor registers have acrylic dampers to regulate airflow with hidden levers to maintain the simple architectural design of this vent. Additionally, North American Oak used to make them is hard-wearing and almost guaranteed to look incredible for years to come. If you select the unfinished oak floor vent, you can stain it yourself to match the colour of your vent to the exact colour of your floor. We recommend testing different coloured wood stains on the underside of the face of the vent. This way, you can get the exact match of colour with your floorboards, and it will not be seen when the wooden floor vent is in place.

These wooden floor registers are incredibly easy to install. Simply place the wooden floor vent into the duct in your floor and as long as you have chosen the correct size it will fit right in. With the included damper box our wooden heat vent covers are completely rattle-proof and have no parts that can rust. They’re the perfect low maintenance vent cover solution for any home.

As one of the leading suppliers of aircon grilles, we provide heating and cooling vent cover solutions for homes and businesses throughout Australia.

Why Use Wooden Floor Vents?

Wooden floor vents are incredibly easy to install and they add an elegant touch to any room. They won’t rust and, should you choose the unfinished wood floor register, they’re easy to customise to suit your needs.

All our wooden floor vent covers come with built-in louvres to help you maintain comfort and temperature in your home easily. You can quickly adjust the airflow to a room by opening or closing the vent, and can even direct airflow to the left or right to control where air is pushed.

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