Louvered Floor Vents

Accord louver vents and registers are the most traditional design available and are some of our biggest-selling items for ducted heating and air conditioning. Read MoreEven with the newer designs, these remain popular. They come in 100x300mm (4 x 12) and 150x350mm (6 x 14) sizes in a variety of finishes and colours—either painted or electroplated.

All louver vents have fully adjustable metal dampers that open and close to regulate airflow. The larger vents have three blades, and the smaller ones have two. The angled blade design directs airflow to the left and right of the vent.

Accord has an extensive range of high-quality, high-performing vent covers that are easy to maintain. We offer various central heating vent covers and duct floor vent metals that can seamlessly merge with any décor.

Our louver vents and registers feature a traditional design and are some of the best-selling items for duct floor vents and air conditioning. Newer and better versions of older-style designs are gaining popularity in the market.

All Accord louver vents have fully adjustable metal dampers to open and close to regulate airflow. Browse through the various louver vents Accord offers to meet your duct floor heating and cooling needs.

Plenty of Colours and Finishes to Choose From

Painted Colour Selection

Explore our range of seven painted colours — white, cream (off-white), beige, brown, chocolate, grey, and charcoal (slate), offering versatile choices to match any interior decor.

Electroplated Finishes

Opt for electroplated louver vents in chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, polished brass, and antique brass. Each adds a touch of elegance and durability to your ventilation solutions.

Enhanced Design Features

Our newer models feature a discreetly placed lever at the end of the vent, improving functionality and aesthetics compared to older styles.

Perfect for duct floor applications, these vents ensure efficient airflow management while enhancing any interior with diverse finishes. Additionally, our options provide flexibility in installation and functionality, catering to various home or commercial environments.

Whether replacing existing vents or upgrading to a more sophisticated style, our products offer reliability and aesthetic appeal.

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