Marquis Floor Vents

Accord marquis floor registers and air conditioning floor vent covers are a premium metal floor vent option, offering additional features, higher build quality and a striking appearance. Choose from extra-thick 3mm electroplated steel in brushed nickel or an antique brass finish, Read Moreor an even thicker cast iron floor vent in a pewter (dark grey)) finish.

The higher quality, thicker metal construction makes these some of our strongest vents. They’re excellent for high traffic areas and commercial spaces where durability is essential, as well as in the home, looking great in all situations. We often recommend these style floor grilles for owners of modern or period style homes as they suit both equally well..

If you’re planning on installing these heating vent covers in your home, it’s important that you measure your vents before purchasing. While these marquis floor vents are easy to install, they cannot be modified to fit smaller or larger vents – and are only available in one size

The cast iron pewter vent weighs over 1.5kg and is probably the strongest floor vent on the market. It is an interesting colour – a dark, dark grey with a hint of green in its shading. The brushed nickel and antique brass registers are probably even more visually striking. Dampers are all metal with hidden heavy duty levers that do not detract from the striking design and prevent any rattling. The included damper box is rustproof, ensuring maximum durability and longevity. If placed in a high traffic area you can expect these vents to perform incredibly well.

Maintain the temperature of your home or business or control airflow through a room with the internal blades as well as using your controller. There are 2 parallel blades that allow for air to flow or be blocked off as you require, ensuring you can heat or cool any room the way you want to.

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