Wicker Floor Vents

Accord’s popular Wicker floor vent range comes in four great finishes and two sizes (100x300mm and 150x350mm). These vents have a modern pattern stamped out of 2mm thick steel, making them gorgeous and durable. The steel is electroplated giving these vents clean, modern-looking finishes, as well as protecting the metal from rust. Read MoreAll of these vents have a fully adjustable damper to regulate airflow and give you greater control of heating and cooling in your home.

The lever for the damper is discreetly tucked in at one end of the face of the vent to maintain the strong architectural lines that make this design so popular. It’s barely visible, giving the vents a clean aesthetic that’s very popular in modern homes. The damper is also constructed from ABS resin. This ensures the damper does not rust, rattle or bend – as metal dampers can do in the wrong conditions as they age.

Our wicker floor grilles are available in both 10x30cm and 15x35cm sizes, meaning you can choose the design you like regardless of which sized vents you have. If you have multiple sizes of vents in your home, you can match the style and make them consistent throughout your home.

We have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, ensuring you can match the style of your vents to your home’s design. Customers with lighter floors often choose the satin nickel finish wicker vent covers. For those with darker floors, whether that’s carpet, tiles, or floorboards, the oil rubbed bronze or antique brass is a popular choice, depending on whether your floors have a grey or a brown tone. Some customers have been using the polished brass wicker vents as an alternative to polished brass Victorian vents – to give their house a fresh lift and a change. If you’re looking for something different for your home, something that will stand out and look incredible, our range of wicker floor register covers are a fantastic choice.

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