Aluminium Floor Bar Grilles

Accord’s brand new aluminium vent range is now available. Read MoreFeaturing full aluminium construction on both the faces and dampers, these vents are very solid and particularly hard-wearing.

Our aluminium floor bar vents feature a contemporary design, making them incredibly popular for modern interior design. However, their simple design can also suit a period home.

Their flat surfaces and wide range of sizes make them ideal for new builds and renovations, allowing you to breathe new life into a space easily. They can be installed in any room with an existing aluminium vent to change the look of a space or add additional vent functionality.

Our bar grilles are available in two sizes: 100x300mm (4”x12”) and 150x350mm (6″x14″). They are easy to install, slotting straight into the vent space provided you’ve chosen the right size grille.

Stylish Finish Options

Choose between an anodised aluminium finish (light grey in tone), powder-coated beige, or gunmetal (dark grey). Each is sleek and modern, fitting well into homes with carpeted, tiled, or wooden floors, especially when the grille runs along the grain of the timber.

Anodised Aluminium Finish

Opt for an anodised aluminium finish, characterised by its light grey tone. This finish is ideal for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of homes with various flooring types.

Powder-Coated Beige Option

Select the powder-coated beige finish for a warm, neutral look that blends seamlessly with carpeted, tiled, or wooden floors, enhancing overall interior appeal.

Gunmetal Finish

Choose the gunmetal finish, featuring a dark grey hue that adds a touch of modern sophistication to any room, particularly when paired with timber grain accents.

All our grilles feature fully adjustable dampers to regulate airflow. You can remove the lever and adjust the blades by lifting the grille out of the floor. The blades run across the aluminium vent, so they can also direct air either to the left or the right rather than straight up if this is required.

Explore Our Range of Aluminium Vents

We provide the ideal aluminium vent for those looking for durability and style. Whether you’re setting up a newly constructed home or renovating an existing one, our selection offers character and versatility to complement any interior decor.

Browse through our selection to discover the ideal solution for your ventilation demands. We also stock a range of wooden and metal floor vents and wall vents, so you can choose the ones that best fit your needs and the design of your home or business.

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