Round Ceiling Diffuser & Vents

Accord has a full range of ABS cone diffusers (100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm sizes). Cone diffusers are a great looking style of ceiling vent, blending seamlessly into most modern home designs. They have excellent performance characteristics, with low resistance, excellent throw and low noise. Read MoreWith their design, they can push air throughout a room, in multiple directions, allowing for quick and effective heating and cooling.

Our round ceiling vents are made from ABS plastic. ABS is a very durable material that is UV protected so it won’t go yellow over time. It’s a long-lasting solution and requires little maintenance over the years, so you won’t need to replace your vents.

Installation of our round ceiling vents is simple. The duct simply connects to the neck at the top with duct tape or a clamp. Then just push the vents into place and they will click in.

These vents are fully adjustable, with a cone in the middle that can be adjusted to increase or reduce airflow. It can even be fully closed to shut off the diffuser from drafts or heat loss. If you’re trying to keep heat in during winter or let out heat in summer, opening or closing the vents can help with this.

We have a wide range of other air vent, grille and register products available, each with the same ease of installation, making decorating a breeze. Choose the colours and styles you like and fit your whole home with stylish vent and vent cover solutions from Accord. If you’re having trouble finding the product you need, discuss your needs with our team and we can help you place an order.

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