Floor Return Air Vents & Grilles

Accord Ventilation has three sizes of floor return air grilles. All are constructed from powder coated steel for maximum strength and durability. They are also stronger than the aluminium alternatives. Read MoreThese can be used in new installations or replacing an old or damaged floor return grille. They are available in 500x300mm, 600x400mm and 750x400mm sizes.

They are easy to install as they just drop into the floor. No screws or glue required. As they are quite heavy, they will simply stay in place without moving or rattling. Note that the main dimension quoted is for the neck size – and the face of the vent is several centimetres larger. You will likely need to get a steel adapter box manufactured for this type of vent if you dont already have one.

All three sizes are in beige colour and have a black mesh filter and filter frame included. While we only offer these products in beige, it’s easy to get them resprayed in the colour of your choice. They are simple to remove or disassemble for respraying, allowing you to quickly match the colour of the return floor air grille to its surroundings.

These vents are incredibly durable, making them a cost-effective solution for air grilles. They only need minor maintenance involving cleaning the filter to operate as they’re intended. Floor return air grilles serve as an important part of your ventilation ducting system, helping to keep air moving while preventing dust and dirt from making its way into your ventilation system.

Contact us if you are interested in white louvered return air grilles for the wall. We have several standard sizes available. These are a great alternative to the common egg crate style. Read Less…

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